In February of 2021 Crossroads Baptist Church launched a local radio message ministry, sermons can be heard at 9:00am Sunday Mornings on 97.3 FM or 1050 AM In the Butler County PA area.

In November 2021 we added the “Crossroads Short Sermons” Podcast to Sermon Audio, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Pod Bean which feature many of our radio messages as well as other sermons.

A sample of the Messages is also archived below:


3/07/2021 Salvation


3/14/2021 Empty Bottles


Guest Speaker Adam Summers Consider how great things he hath done for you 3/14/2021


Guest Speaker Adam Summers “Kept by the power of God” 3/21/2021


“The second touch” 3/28/2021


“All men did marvel” 4/4/2021


“A complete soldier” 4/11/2021