Pastor Jeffrey S. Lynn

Crossroads Baptist Church welcomed Pastor Jeffrey Lynn and his family in July of 2019. Pastor Lynn was previously a Youth Pastor for 11 years serving at Faith Baptist Church in Chelsea, MI. Their family consists of Pastor Jeff, wife Michelle, and four children Adeline, Judah, Ellie and Josiah.


Pastor Jeff-

My wife and I were both saved at a young age, raised in Christian homes, and met each other through our church youth group when I was 15 years old. In 2020 we celebrated 10 years of marriage. God called me to ministry at age 15 and I began preaching right away thanks to my senior Pastor at the time Pastor Jack Story and my then Youth Pastor Adam Summers affording me opportunities and encouraging me. At age 18 I became a Youth Pastor. Since that time God has graciously given me opportunities to minister in Nursing homes, Jails, Prisons, Churches, Youth Events, Public Schools, Foreign Countries, Street Corners, University Campuses and more. We are very excited to see what the Lord will do through Crossroads Baptist Church in the years to come and we hope that you will join us in serving Jesus Christ through the ministries of Crossroads Baptist Church.